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101. STRYKER 1188 HD Video Endoscopy 102. LINVATEC IM3300 & IM3330 Video Endoscopy 103. OLYMPUS OTV-S7H-VA O/R Camera

1188 HD Video Tower with the following: 
1188 HD Camera Box with Head and Coupler
X8000 300 Watt Xenon Light Source 
40 Ltr Core Insufflator 
SDC HD DVD Recorder
HP Printer 21" Vision Elect  LCD Monitor 
Stryker Video Tower With LCD Mount
Good Condition
Lnvatec Video System Complete 
Includes the Following: 
IM3300 Camera Box with 
IM3330 Camera Head 
LS7500 Light Source 
(300 Watt Xenon)
GS1002 Insufflator (40 liter) 
VP-1500 DVD Recorder HP 
Color Printer 
NDS Radiance 19 inch HD 
Monitor Video Cart 
with LCD Mount 
All Cables Included 
Excellent Condition
Olympus OTV-S7H-VA Camera Head CCD Value & Parts / No Cable Attached  Good Condition
104. OLYMPUS OTV-SX2 O/R Camera 105. OLYMPUS OTV-S7 / OTV-S6 O/R Camera 106. OLYMPUS OTV-S7PROH-HD-12Q O/R Camera

Olympus OTV-SX2 Camera Head CCD Value & Parts / No Cable Attached  Good Condition
Olympus OTV-S6 Camera Head & OTV-S6 CCD Value & Parts / No Cable Attached Good Condition
Olympus OTV-S7PROH-HD-12Q HD Camera Head with Coupler in Very Good Condition. Also Available: 12E Coupler to Replace the 12Q.
107. OLYMPUS OTV-S7H-NA-10E O/R Camera 108. DYONICS ED-3 CAMERA SYSTEM O/R Camera 109. LINVATEC IM4000 HD System Video Endoscopy

Olympus OTV-S7H-NA-10E Camera Head CCD Value & Parts / No Cable Attached Good Condition
with IM4120 Head Linvatec LS7500 Light Source 
(300Watt) Linvatec GS1002 Insufflator (40ltr)
 Linvatec VP1500 DVD Recorder Linvatec Cart with
 LCD Mount NDS Radiance 19 inch HD 
LCD Monitor Excellent Condition  
IM4000HD with IM4120 Head Linvatec LS7500 
Light Source (300Watt)Linvatec GS1002 
Insufflator (40ltr) Linvatec VP1500 
DVD Recorder Linvatec Cart with LCD Mount 
NDS Radiance 19 inch HD LCD
 Monitor Excellent Condition 
110. STRYKER 502-880-012/ 070 Cystoscope 111. STORZ 27005 FA Cystoscope 112. STORZ 26120 BA Cystoscope

Stryker Cystoscopy Set: 

502-880-012: 12 degree/4mm/autoclavable 
502-880-070: 70 degree/4mm/autoclavable 

502-978-030: 4mm Operative Sheath 
502-880-217: 17FR 
502-880-219: 19Fr 
502-880-221: 21Fr 
502-880-223: 23Fr 
502-880-225: 25Fr 
502-979-100: Sheath with Obturator 

502-880-003: Oblique Obturator 
502-880-522: 21fr Urethrotome Standard Obturator 
502-880-001: Standard Obturator for Resectoscope 

Working Element: 

502-880-210: Clamp Rigid Cysto Biopsy and Resection 
502-880-215: Rigid Optical Biopsy Forceps 

502-880-202: Dual Channel  
Storz Laser Set: 27005FA 12 degrees/4mm 23fr 27026LI Diagnostic Obturator 23fr 27026LO Outer Sheath 23fr 27026LS Visual Obturator 23fr Good Condition 
Storz Laser set: 26120BA 2.9mm/30degree 26161B Continuous Flow Operating Sheath 5mm 26161BN Single Flow Operating Sheath 4.3mm 26161CE / 26161CF Diagnostic Sheaths Good Condition
113. ACMI M3G/ 12 degree Cystoscope 114. DYONICS 3947 Arthroscope 115. DYONICS 3709 Trocar and Cannula

ACMI M3G Scope/ 12 Degree 
EIWE Elite Iglesias Working Element 
EVUS-22 Visual Urethrotome Sheath 22fr 
EVUS-22OB Visual Obturator 22fr
Good condition
3947 2.7mm Arthroscope/ 30deg 
4526 3.8mm Cannula with Obturator
 Good Condition. 
3709 4.5mm Operative Cannula Set: 
3673 4.5mm Operative Cannula(2) 
1995 4.5mm Trocar, Sharp Tip 
1992 4.5mm Obturator, Conical Tip 
3708 Irrigation Extender, Single Valve, Fixed 
1986 Infusion Adaptor 
For 4mm Arthroscopes with Light Post on Opposite Side of Direction View.
Good Condition 
116. DYONICS 3112 Trocar and Cannula 117. DYONICS Video System Video Endoscopy 118. STRYKER 250-080-436 Trocar Surgical Instruments

3112 5.5mm Operative Cannula Set:
2711 5.5mm Operative Cannula(2) 
2209 5.5mm Obturator, Conical Tip 
7202210 5.5mm Trocar, Sharp Tip 
1986 Infusion Adapter For 4mm 
Arthroscopes with Light Post on 
Same Side of Direction View. 
Good Condition .
Dyonics Video System: 
460P: Camera Box 
460H: Camera head 
300XL: Light Source 
Access 40: 40L Insufflator 
HP 6540: Printer 
7205922: 4mm/30deg Video Scope 
SC-SX19-A1A11: 19in. Medical Grade Monitor 
V3C-X15-R210: 15in. Medical Grade Touch Screen Monitor 
640: Video Management System 
Light Guide Cable 
Dyonics Cart 
12.5mm Trocar;Good condition
119. MEDTRONIC 720001 High Torque Orthopedic 120. OLYMPUS Hystero-Resectoscope Set Surgical 121. STORZ TRICAM 20222120 O/R Camera

System Includes: 
720001 High Torque Handpiece 
720203 Jacob's Chuck 
720104 AO/Synthes Chuck 
720204 Jacob's Chuck 1/4" HT 
720107 Pin Collet 
720106 Wire Collet 
720102 Sagittal Saw 
720125 Oscillator Wrench 
720003 Micro-Oscillating Saw 
Good Condition
Hystero-Resectoscope Set: 
A0418: Standard Obturator 
A4740: Continuos Flow Outer Sheath 
A4741: Inner Sheath 
A4745: Working Element
Storz 20222120 Tricam Camera with 20221132 Urology Head Excellnt Condition. Warranty: 90 DAYS
122. STORZ 20222120 Tricam O/R Camera 123. ACMI M3 Laser Set Cystoscope 124. LINVATEC PRO 6200 Orthopedic - General

Storz Tricam Urology Camera System: 
20222120 Console 
20221132 Head with Coupler 
Works Good with Cut Boot
ACMI Cystoscopy Laser Set: 
M3-30A 30deg/4mm Scope 
CLS-23 Outer Sheath 
CLB-8-23 Operative Sheath 
CLV-23 Diagnostic Sheath 
CLO-23 Obturator
Linvatec PRO6200 Single Trigger Modular Handpiece. Good Condition
125. LINVATEC PRO 6300 Orthopedic - General 126. LINVATEC 1375-033 Attachment O/R Instruments 127. LINVATEC 1375-034 Attachment O/R Instruments

Linvatec PRO6300 Dedicated Oscillating Saw. Good Condition
Hall 1375-033 20 degree X-Long Angled Attachment. Good Condition
Hall 1375-034 70 degree Contra Angle with Dental Head. Good Condition
128. LINVATEC 1375-036 Attachment O/R Instruments 129. LINVATEC 5020-035 Attachment O/R Instruments 130. LINVATEC 5020-063 Attachment O/R Instruments

Hall 1375-036 90 degree Angled Attachment. Good Condition  
Hall 5020-035 MicroChoice Dental Implant Screw/Tap Head. Good Condition 
Hall 5020-063 MicroChoice 20° Angle Attachment. Good Condition
131. LINVATEC 5020-064 Attachment O/R Instruments 132. LINVATEC 5020-065 Attachment O/R Instruments 133. LINVATEC 5020-069 Attachment O/R Instruments

Hall 5020-064 MicroChoice 20° X-Long Angle Attachment. Good Condition
Hall 5020-065 MicroChoice 70° Contra Angle Attachment With Surgical Head.Good Condition
Hall 5020-069 MicroChoice Dental 70° Contra Angle Attachment.Good Condition
134. SONY SVO 9500 MD Printer 135. OLYMPUS XLS Light Source 136. ZIMMER ATS-1000 Tourniquet system

Sony SVO 9500 MD Video Cassette Recorder.Good Condition
Olympus XLS Xenon Light Source .Good Condition
Zimmer ATS-1000 Tourniquet System / 4 Pieces ;Zimmer ATS-500 Tourniquet System / 1 Piece.Good Condition
137. SMITH & NEPHEW 7023-2100 Light Source 138. STRYKER 1188 Video Endoscopy 139. LINVATEC IM4000 Video Endoscopy

Smith & Nephew 7023-2100 Micro Bright Light Source.Good Condition
Stryker 1188 Camera 
System Includes: 
1188 Camera Console, 
Head & Coupler 
Stryker X8000 Light Source 
Stryker 45 ltr 
Pneumosure Insufflator 
SDC HD Ultra DVD Recorder
HP Color Printer 
26 inch Vision 
Elect HDTV Monitor
Stryker Medical Grade Cart
Specifications:MPN: 1188-210-105.
Good Condition  
LINVATEC Camera System Includes: 
IM 4000 Console, IM4120 Head & coupler 
LIS 7700 Light Source 
40 LTR Obdominal Insufflator GS1002 
DVD Digital Capture DRSHD 
HP Color Printer 
NDS 32 Inch HD Monitor 
NDS 26 inch HD Monitor With
 Rolling Stand 
NDS 15 inch Touch Screen 
Monitor (Side Mount) 
Linvatec Video Cart With LCD ARM .
Good Condition  
140. STORZ 26161 R / 26161 RN Sheath Surgical 141. STORZ 26152 BO / 26152 BI Sheath Surgical 142. STORZ 26161 KN / 26161 K Sheath Surgical

Storz 26161R Continuous Flow Examination Sheath with Storz 26161RN Inner Examination Sheath. Good Condition
Stors 26152BO Bettocchi Operating Sheath with Storz 26152BI Bettocchi Inner Sheath. Good Condition
Storz 26161KN Bettocchi Single-Flow Operating Sheath with Storz 26161K Bettocchi Examination Sheath.Good Condition
143. STRYKER 375-708-500 Arthroscopy Shaver System 144. LINVATEC D9924 Arthroscopy Shaver System 145. STRYKER 5400-111 Orthopedic - General

Stryker 375-708-500 Formula 180 Shaver Handle. Good Condition  
Linvatec D9924 Advantage Turbo Shaver Handle. Good Condition 
Stryker 5400-111 Core UHT Hand Switch. Good Condition
146. OLYMPUS A2761 Working Element Surgical 147. STRYKER 502-880-210 Forcep Surgical 148. STRYKER 502-880-030 Cystoscope

Olympus A2761 Working Element. Good Condition 
Stryker 502-880-210 Optical Biopsy Forcep.Good Condition 
Stryker 502-880-030 4mm/30deg Cystoscope with: 
Stryker 502-770-100 Forcep Stryker 502-880-300 
Continuous Flow Laser Cysto Sheath 
Stryker 502-880-299 Continuous Flow Laser 
Outer Sheath 
Stryker 502-880-301 Visual Obturator .
Good Condition 
149. OLYMPUS A2911 / A0403 Sheath Surgical 150. STRYKER Resection Set Surgical Instruments 151. OLYMPUS A20972A Bridge Surgical Instruments

Olympus A2911 with A0403 17fr Sheath and Obturator.Good Condition
502-880-217 with 502-880-218 17fr Sheath and Obturator 
502-880-219 with 502-880-220 19fr Sheath and Obturator 
502-880-221 with 502-880-222 21fr Sheath and Obturator 
502-880-223 with 502-880-224 23fr Sheath and Obturator 
502-880-225 with 502-880-226 25fr Sheath and Obturator 
502-880-426 with 502-880-001 Continuous Flow Sheath and Obturator 
502-987-030 Operative Sheath 
502-880-215 Biopsy Forcep 
502-880-401 Passive Working Element 
502-880-202 Dual Channel Bridge .Good Condition
Olympus A20972A Dual Port Deflecting Bridge .Good Condition
152. OLYMPUS A20971A Bridge Surgical Instruments 153. OLYMPUS A2971 Bridge Surgical Instruments 154. OLYMPUS A2972 Bridge Surgical Instruments

Olympus A20971A Single Port Deflecting Bridge.Good Condition
Olympus A2971 Single Port Deflecting Bridge
Olympus A2972 Dual Port Deflecting Bridge
155. OLYMPUS A4765 Bridge Surgical Instruments 156. OLYMPUS A2221 Obturator Surgical Instruments 157. OLYMPUS A4726 Obturator Surgical Instruments

Olympus A4765 Deflecting Laser Bridge. Good Condition
Olympus A2221 17fr VIisual Obturator. Good Condition
Olympus A4726 Optical Obturator.Good Condition
158. OLYMPUS A2924 Obturator Surgical Instruments 159. OLYMPUS A2925 Obturator Surgical Instruments 160. OLYMPUS A2922 Obturator Surgical Instruments

Olympus A2924 22.5fr Optical Obturator. Good Condition  
Olympus A2925 Operative Obturator. Good Condition 
Olympus A2922 19.8fr Optical Obturator. Good Condition
161. OLYMPUS A2631 Obturator Surgical Instruments 162. OLYMPUS A2223 Obturator Surgical Instruments 163. ACMI EIWE Working Element Surgical Instruments

Olympus A2631 22.5fr Optical Obturator. Good Condition 
Olympus A2223 21fr Visual Obturator.Good Condition 
ACMI EIWE USA Elite Working Element, Springs Pulls Loop Toward Operator (passive) .Good Condition 
164. OLYMPUS A2754 Working Element Surgical 165. OLYMPUS A2155 Working Element Surgical 166. WOLF 8654.222 Working Element Surgical

Olympus A2754 Working Element.Good Condition
Olympus A2155 Working Element.Good Condition.Good Condition
R.Wolf 8654.222 Working Element.Good Condition
167. WOLF 8652.771 Working Element 168. STRYKER 502-880-402 Working Element 169. STRYKER 502-880-401 Working Element

R.Wolf 8652.771 Working Element.Good Condition
Stryker 502-880-402 Working Element Paired with Stryker 502-880-324 Cystoscopy Sheath, Sold as a Combo or Can be Purchased Seperatly.Good Condition  
Stryker 502-880-401 Working Element Paired with Stryker Model 502-880-426 Cystoscopy Sheath, Sold as a Combo or Can be Purchased Seperatly.Good Condition 
170. STRYKER 502-880-215 Forcep Surgical 171. STRYKER 502-880-210 Forcep Surgical 172. OLYMPUS A2911 / A0403 Sheath Surgical

Stryker 502-880-215 Optical Forcep with Biopsy Spoon Tip. Good Condition
Stryker 502-880-210 Optical Forcep with Biopsy Spoon Tip. Good Condition
Olympus A2911 Sheath with Olympus A0403 Obturator, Many Different Models Available.Good Condition
173. STRYKER 6203 / 6206 / 6208 O/R Instruments Power 174. SONY UP55MD Printer 175. ACMI STORZ S-SERIES 16915 D Surgical Instruments

Stryker System 6 Set Includes: 
Stryker 6203 Rotary 
Stryker 6206 Recip 
Stryker 6208 Sagittal Saw 
Stryker 6203-136 Adj. Pin Collet 
Stryker 6203-125 Pin Collet 
Stryker 6203-135 Hudson Modified Trinkle 
Stryker 6203-131 1/4" Keyed Chuck 
Stryker 6203-160 Trinkle
Stryker 6203-110 Small Synthes.
Good Condition.  
Sony UP55MD Printer.Good Condition
16915 DO: 19Fr Standard Obturator ;16917 D: 19Fr Visual Obturator ;16915 D: 19Fr Sheath
176. ACMI E123 Sheath and Obturator Surgical 177. ACMI E125 Sheath and Obturator Surgical Instruments 178. ACMI EOS-HCF27 Sheath and Obturator Cystoscope

E123-O: 23Fr Standard Obturator ;E163: 23Fr Visual Obturator ;E123-S: 23Fr Sheath. Good Condition
E125-O: 25Fr Standard Obturator ;E 165: 25Fr Visual Obturator ;E125-S: 25Fr Sheath. Good Condition
etor-26 ; timberlake obturator ;eis-hcf27 ; inner sheath ;eos-hcf27 ; outer sheath.Good Condition
179. ACMI EMRS-28B Sheath and Obturator Surgical 180. STRYKER System 5 Orthopedic - General 181. LINVATEC IM4000 System Video Endoscopy

emrs-28b ; outer sheath ;evor-28 ; visual obturator ;etor-28 ; timberlake obturator. Good Condition
4205; Rotary Drill 
4206; Reciprocating Saw 
4208; Sagittal Saw 
4103-110; Pin Collet 
4103-133; Keyless Drill 
4103-435; Hudson modified trinkle
4103-160; Trinkle 
4103-213; Hudson 
4103-231; 1/4" Jacobs 
4103-131; Jacobs Chuck
4102-450; Sterilization Case 
NDS 32" Monitor 
ELO 15" Touch Screen 
Camera console
Camera Head 
Light Source 
Linvatec-GS 1002
40L Insufflator 
MedXChange DRSHD 
Video Processor 
HP Deskjet 6940 Printer 
Linvatec Video Tower 
182. STRYKER 5400-300 Drill Orthopedic - General 183. HALL Microchoice Orthopedic - General 184. CONCEPT 9962 Arthroscopy Shaver System

5400-300; STRYKER Impaction Drill 
 MC 5020; Micro Choice Controller 
MC 5057; Micro Choice Cable 
5020-022; Sagittal Saw 
5020-023; Reciprocating Saw 
5020-024; Oscillating Saw 
5020-025; Elite High Speed Drill 
5020-027; Wire Driver and Fixation Drill 
5020-028; Wire Driver Attachment 
5020-029; Universal Drill Attachment 
5020-030; Jacobs Chuck 
5020-031; High Torgue Jacobs Chuck Attachment 
5020-060; Medium Bur Guard 
5020-061; Long Bur Guard 
999-053; Jacobs Chuck Key 
5020-050; System Kit 
9962; Concept Shaver.Good condition
185. LINVATEC D9825 Arthroscopy Shaver System 186. STRYKER 290-601-100 Shaver Orthopedic - General 187. LINVATEC E9005 Arthroscopy Shaver System

D9825; Advantage Shaver Handpiece.Good condition 
290-601-100; Stryker Hummer 4 Shaver .Good condition
E9005; Hall Shaver.Good condition 
188. STRYKER 272-704-500 Arthroscopy Shaver 189. LINVATEC E9010 Arthroscopy Shaver 190. DYONICS 72200617 Arthroscopy Shaver System

272-704-500; Stryker 12K shaver.Good condition
E9010; CoolFlex Shaver .Good condition
72200617; Dyonics Shaver.Good condition 
191. MICROCHOICE 5020-030 Attachment O/R 192. HALL 5020-027 Drill O/R Instruments Power 193. MICROCHOICE 5020-029 Attachment O/R

5020-030; Jacobs Chuck.Good condition
5020-027; Wire Driver and Fixation Drill .Good condition
5020-029; Universal Drill Attachment .Good condition
194. MICROCHOICE 5020-025 Drill O/R Instruments 195. MICROCHOICE 5020-022 Sagittal Saw O/R 196. MICROCHOICE 5020-023 Reciprocating Saw O/R

5020-025; Elite High Speed Drill .Good condition
5020-022; Sagittal Saw .Good condition
5020-023; Reciprocating Saw .Good condition
197. MICROCHOICE 5020-024 Oscillating Saw O/R 198. MICROCHOICE 5020-028 Attachment O/R 199. MICROCHOICE 5020-031 Attachment O/R

5020-024; Oscillating Saw.Good condition
5020-028; Wire Driver Attachment.Good condition
5020-031; High Torque Jacobs Chuck Attachment.Good condition
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