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 Hall 5020035 MicroChoice
  Dental Implant Screw/Tap Head.
 Good condition.
 Hall 5020064 MicroChoice.
 20° XLong Angle Attachment.
 Good condition.
 Hall 5020065 MicroChoice 70°
 Contra Angle Attachment
 With Surgical Head.Good Condition.
 Hall 5020069 MicroChoice
 Dental 70° Contra Angle Attachment.
 Good condition.
 Jacobs Chuck.
 5020030; Jacobs Chuck.Good condition
 Universal Drill
 5020029; Universal Drill Attachment .Good conditio
 Wire Driver
 5020028; Wire Driver Attachment.Good condition
 Jacobs Chuck
 5020031; High Torque Jacobs
 Chuck Attachment.Good condition
 Hall PowerPro 3110 Battery Housing
 6400099 Universal Driver
 640031 Oscillating Saw
 6400062 Wire Driver
 Linvatec BS8240 Bio Stinger Gun with Keys
 Stryker 51001060 TPS
 Perforator Chuck Attachment.
 Good condition.
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